Fannie Mae will pay $2.8B to Treasury after profit

Fannie Mae will pay $2.8B to Treasury after profit Fannie Mae said it expects to make a $2.8 billion dividend payment to the U.S. Treasury in June after reporting a first-quarter profit driven by a relatively stable mortgage market and a continued decline in delinquencies.

Fannie Mae, the mortgage-financier seized by U.S. regulators in 2008, will pay the Treasury Department $59.4 billion after reporting a record quarterly profit driven by rising. Inc., according to.

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WASHINGTON –The U.S. Department of the Treasury today announced a set of modifications to the Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements (PSPAs) between the Treasury Department and the Federal housing finance agency (fhfa) as conservator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Government Sponsored Enterprises or GSEs) that will help expedite the wind down of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, make sure that.

WASHINGTON — U.S. mortgage giant Fannie Mae reported its first net income gain since. Instead of seeking additional aid from taxpayers, the company will pay a dividend of $2.8 billion to the.

Freddie Mac would have now paid back its original 10% dividend (+ $740 million); Fannie Mae would have $5.74 billion left in liquidation preference to pay to Treasury. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have paid $137.1 billion and $88.0 billion, respectively, in dividends under the NWS – far more than $25.2 billion and $15.45 billion under 10% rate.

Delinquent credit-including taxes, judgments, charge-offs of non-mortgage accounts (see below for exceptions), tax liens, mechanics’ or materialmen’s liens, and liens that have the potential to affect Fannie Mae’s lien position or diminish the borrower’s equity-must be paid off at or prior to closing.

 · Fannie Mae posts $2.9B profit in 2Q; paying $2.9B dividend By: The Associated Press August 4, 2016 0 Fannie Mae reported net income of $2.9 billion from April through June, down from a year earlier as low interest rates brought losses for the mortgage giant on its investments.

Freddie’s multifamily rankings show more stability than Fannie’s "They’re more innovative than other multifamily lenders. They have a huge commitment to the multifamily industry." Their absence would open up a gaping vacuum, especially in affordable housing, according to Morgan. "There’s a huge affordability problem, and Fannie and Freddie do a great job of providing [liquidity]," Morgan said.

WASHINGTON – Government-controlled mortgage companies fannie mae and Freddie Mac posted profits for the July-September. Washington-based Fannie Mae will pay a dividend of $4 billion to the U.S..

A pretty strong quarter. According to the recent earnings reports from Fannie and Freddie, the agencies had a profitable second quarter. Fannie Mae produced net income of $4.64 billion, up 26% from the same quarter a year ago, and Freddie Mac earned $4.17 billion, a sharp increase from last year’s $1.36 billion.

Freddie Mac, the U.S.-owned mortgage-finance company, will pay $7 billion to the Treasury Department after. and Fannie Mae this year ceased paying 10 percent dividends that have returned $65.