Rising prices narrow home value perception gap in September

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The average appraisal was 0.87% lower than what homeowners expected, according to Quicken Loans’ National Home Price.

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Appraised values were an average of 1.93% lower than what homeowners expected, according to Quicken Loans’ National home price perception index (hppi). The gap between estimated value and.

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September marks the fourth consecutive month that the gap narrowed. The Quicken Loans Home Value Index (HVI), which is based on appraisal data, showed that home values have increased 0.44 percent from August and 3.38 percent since September 2016.

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Perception of VALUE Perception gap between appraisals and value narrows as prices. – The continuing trend of rising home prices helped narrow the difference between appraised home values and homeowner expectations in August.. Perception gap between appraisals and value narrows.

Still, he said, there is not enough demand to lift prices and set in motion both elements of a true recovery: healthy sales and rising prices. It does not mean all sale prices or home values, for.

Home prices continued to rise. Perception Index. Homeowners are overestimating their home values, and appraisers’ valuations are 1.14% lower than homeowner expectations in September. But while they.