Starter home supply growth likely not a blip, but sign of a shift

So far this year (excluding the Easter shift impact) the segmentation demand data has been quite healthy as the table shows: And with supply growth in. is also a good sign for the coming health of.

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 · Not only is a consistently low supply of homes for sale to blame, but frustrated buyers tired of getting beaten out on offer after offer are deciding to sit out.. this trend could be but a blip.

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forecast. For all of 2019, consumer spending growth should slow to 2.3 percent from an estimated pace of 2.8 percent in 2018, as the boost in household incomes from the Tax Cuts and jobs act wanes. auto sales, which exceeded 17.5 million units annualized in December for only the second time last year, will likely decline this year.

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Why Starter Homes Are Disappearing. Bob Sullivan. the starter home has not disappeared, but a starter home sold in recent years is much more likely to be a rental property than a starter home.

2018 Housing Market Predictions.. Inventory Remains King – The housing market has been partially throttled by a short supply of homes, especially in the starter. Slower Growth in Home.

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If you strip away that concept, then the need for a ‘starter home’ really translates into a need for more space, most likely in your 30s once you start having a family with multiple children (or dependent adults, as in your mom’s case). That is the opposite way from what society is trending.

Housing demand will continue to outpace supply in 2019. – The report also projects moderate housing inventory growth of less than 7 percent, a shift from luxury- to entry-level construction and a slowdown of appreciation, with median home prices rising 2 to 3 percent. “2018 showed continued signs that demand is outpacing supply,” Holcomb said.